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Zřizovatel: Jihočeský kraj
Krajský úřad
U Zimního stadionu 1952/2
37076, České Budějovice


aktualizováno: 2020-09-21

Prácheň Museum

When the Committee of the European Council appreciated the Museum of Prácheſ in Písek with an honorary prize “European Museum of the Year” in 1996, the absolute majority of Czech and foreign visitors stated that it was fully legitimate. Perfectly arranged expositions in modern design provide plastic illustrations of the Písek region. The visitors can find there many themes such as Prehistory and Slavic Age, Beginnings of the castle and the city of Písek, History of the region, Protected areas, Mineral resources, Cultural traditions of the Písek region, Gold in the river Otava basin, Fishes and fishery.

The museum in Písek – today Museum of Prácheſ – was established in 1884, in the period of general revival of Czech national society. First the museum was located in various buildings in the city and after 1902, when army left the former King’s castle, the museum moved its collection to this object. At this time it was managed by prof. August Sedláček, famous historian, author of a monumental 15-volume work Castles and Fortresses of the Kingdom of Bohemia.

n the beginning, the museum was using only the gothic castle, office and six rooms. Gradual expansion of collections called for other rooms in the former castle and military barrack that serve now for expositions, exhibitions, as a depository and also as a background for specialists and the technical personnel.

In the course of the years, other affiliated organisations joined the museum in Písek: Memorial of Adolf Heyduk, in fact a part of the well-preserved apartment of the poet from the circle of Májovci, representing a furnished apartment of the first third of the 20th century, the Memorial of the city of Protivín, which documents local history and where a permanent exposition Exotic Nature has been built, and an observation tower in the Nature Reserve ſežabinec with ſežabinec pool, that is used particularly for continuous ornithological research.

The museum, which is named as the Museum of Prácheſ, employs now such specialist as archaeologist, historian of the Middle Age, historian of the contemporary history, historian of the cultural history, ethnographer, zoologist, mineralogist, conservator, restorer and photographer. In addition to the care for the fund of collections that includes over 100,000 items, the museum workers carry out many other activities such as saving archaeological explorations and archaeological supervisions over ground works, historic explorations of church monuments, documentations of annual customs, complex ornithological explorations in the National nature reserve ſežabinec and ſežabinec pools, mineralogical expeditions in alpine areas, zoological expeditions into exotic countries, they arrange approximately 30 exhibitions  and the same number of lectures every year with participation of prominent Czech scientists as lecturers. The museum arranges annual pre-Christmas exchanges of minerals, a summer camp of youth – Action “Acrocephalus” with ringing of birds, co-participates in a competition in flushing of gold. The rich regional library with a study hall is accessible to researchers.

Further there are some rooms for short-term exhibitions in the museum. These rooms are represented, above all, by the extensive Gallery in the second floor of the wing above the river and the Small exhibition hall in the ground floor; the corridor along the museum library is used for small exhibitions.

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