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Z┼Öizovatel: Jiho─Źesk├Ż kraj
Krajsk├Ż ├║┼Öad
U Zimn├şho stadionu 1952/2
37076, ─îesk├ę Bud─Ťjovice


aktualizováno: 2020-09-21

Library of the Pr├íche┼? Museum

Mgr. Jan Adámek, Zdena Kvasni─Źková, Zora Mauleová

 The library, the beginnings of which date back to the time of foundation of the museum, gradually grew to the one of the most important museum libraries not only in South Bohemia. Besides collections of professional and regional literature that are supplemented systematically, it contains an important preservation collection. It is made up of inheritance from the poet Adolf Heyduk (about 3,400 volumes) obtained by various private libraries, regionalists and the bibliophil Jaromír Malý (about 5,250 volumes) and the regionalist Ivo Beneš (about 6,300 volumes). All the inheritance libraries are administered by the librarian Zdena Kvasni─Źková.

The most important and also the greatest collection (about 36,250 volumes) is the collection of the historic museum library which contains prints from the long history starting in the last quarter of the 15th century till the half of the 20th century. It consists of two basic parts - the old museum library and the library of the Písek grammar school. Foundations of the old museum library were laid with establishment of the museum in 1884 when the first volumes were donated to the library. Tthe library kept growing in the subsequent period too, mainly thanks to donations. Gradually, also library sets of some local institutions were transferred to its collections. The library in the grammar school underwent more complicated development. A part of its collection (this regards old prints) was a part of the then Jesuit grammar school library in Klatovy and it got to Písek together with the relocated grammar school in 1778. Then, the Písek grammar school continued its building. All the historic part of the library was transferred to the museum in the 1950s (together with the book production till the middle of the 20th century). The core of the library is professional production (including periodicals) from various fields from the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Hundreds of old prints are an important part of the library, including three incunabula and also a couple of early prints, including paleotypes. Manuscripts include a valuable set of prayer books from the end of the 18th century till the middle of the 19th century. Also a set of annual reports of grammar schools from the whole region of the Hapsburg Monarchy from the beginning of the 19th century also make a complex group. Since 2001, the sub-collection is administered by Mgr. Jan Adámek, the head of the library.

Researches have the study room available with the Internet access and in particular the electronic online catalogue. In the catalogue, all the above mentioned collections are processed; only a large part of the historic library is waiting for its processing.

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