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Zoology department

RNDr. Jiří Šebestian 

Kliknutím otev?ete obrázek
Kliknutím otev?ete obrázek
Kliknutím otev?ete obrázek
The museum zoologist has been working for the museum since 1970 and he administers a collection comprising over 2,000 species cards. Most of the collection is made up of insects that the museum received as a gift from F. Krch and M. Stocký even before the zoologist started working for the museum. Even though our zoologist specializes in vertebrates, during his employment the museum received another entomologic collection from the deceased professor Dragoun.

Systematic building of the collection of vertebrates is not possible with regards to strict species protection, so vertebrates are obtained for the collections by chance only as findings of recent deaths.
Thanks to expeditions of our zoologist abroad, the collection was enriched for other natural exhibits brought by the expeditions.

Besides the collection items, the zoological depositary contains a relatively rich collection of preparations of vertebrates, mostly birds, of non-collection nature, that were obtained for the museum at the beginning of the 20th century from the museum in Sob�?slav in the exchange for Blatsko embroideries. A part of the preparations is exhibited in the permanent exposition of the Protected Areas of the Písek Region, others are used occasionally in exhibitions.
The zoologist made use of the cool environment of the cellar corridors to present living fish from our waters in large aquariums within the permanent exposition of Fish and Pond-Fishing.

Thanks to the natural exhibits and experience obtained in expeditions abroad, the zoologist in our museum has been building a new exposition in our branch - Monument of the Town of Protivín - since 2002.   
In 2006, three parts of the permanent exposition of the Exotic Nature were opened there - the exotic world of insects, the exotic world under the sea level and the exotic world of mountains, savannas, deserts and banks of rivers and lakes. In 2008, the last part will be opened, devoted to the exotic world of primeval forest and sea shores.

As documentation of vertebrates of the region in form of catching or shooting is not possible, the zoologist devotes his time to researches of fauna in the protected areas and collecting data about the fauna in the region. Since 1977, he has organized an annual summer holiday event with catching and ringing birds for young people interested in ornithology and environmental protection in the nature preserve �?ežabinec, �?ežabinec Pools. Since 1980 he has even extended the information about the bird population in the preserve by regular monthly counting of birds in the nature preserve.

In 2003, he entrusted the catching and ringing event to his colleague J. Šebestian from The South-Bohemian University in �?eské Bud�?jovice, but he continues the monthly counting.
The other activities of our zoologist include protection researches - preparing documents for preserving specially protected species, or their transfers in interventions to their natural environment.
The educational activity of our zoologist includes the own presentations about foreign expeditions, organizing lectures for the museum cycle, preparing documents for boards in nature trails, participation in preparing informative brochures about protected areas and nature trails, etc.

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