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Department of Geology

Ing. Jaroslav Cícha

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Individual mineralogy exhibits have been included in the museum collections since its foundation in 1884. At the same time, feldspar mining in the Písek Mountains developed, in which many precious minerals were found that ranked among the most interesting European or world samples of that time. Workers in mines had to hand them over to the museum director, Ludvík Pompe, and so the oldest core of his collection was created.
The independent geological sub-collection was specified and processed in 1905 by the geologist PhDr. August Krejčí; another time period of its extensive development was the 1930s under the curator Josef Chalupský. In the current records system, the sub-collection was processed in the 1970s by the geologist RNDr. Ji�?í Machart, CSc. who also extended it by its petrographic part.
Since 1990, geological sub-collections have been administered by the museum geologist Ing. Jaroslav Cícha. Within the general reconstruction of the museum in the 1990s, a modern geological depositary was provided and built for the sub-collections. A smaller part of the sub-collections is presented to the general public in the exposition “Mineral Resources of the Písek Region" and partly also the "Gold in the Otava Basin". Geological sub-collections contain samples related to geology in a wider sense; these include particularly samples of mineralogical, petrographic, paleontological and dynamic geology. The most important one from the geological sub-collections is the regional geologic sub-collection which documents in detail the district of Písek and selectively the Moldanubic zone of South Bohemia and Šumava, taking into account the borders of the former Práche�? Region. The systematic geological sub-collection is of the complementary character, comprising both samples from the Czech Republic outside the museum collection area and samples from the whole of the world, as well as the geological collection - other objects made up of various items related to geology, the character of which is not that of natural exhibits (geological maps, photograph, items commemorating important regional personalities from the field of geology).The geological sub-collections are created actively in form of purposeful collections within individual research tasks or for completing the missing material and it is also influenced by external circumstances (necessity to document the changing and disappearing locations such as groundworks, mine exposures, devastated deposits, etc.). The value of sub-collections is increased by occasional donations from mineral gatherers and by small purchases.
With regards to care for collections, the department carries out determination, records, photographic documentation, conservation and inventory of the collection. At the present time, the records are kept in the digital form and the current "paper" records are currently transferred to the electronic form where possible, and also access to its adapted form on the Internet is being prepared. The professional and scientific activity of the department is particularly aimed at topographic mineralogy of the region, study of crystalline-granular pegmatite, gold-bearing mineralization and mineralogy of metamorphosed minerals in the Práche�? Region.
Specialization of the department on study and documentation of the karst phenomena of marbles of the Moldanubic zone of South Bohemia and Šumava and residues after historical underground mining of minerals in South Bohemia has broader regional extent.
The geology department provides counseling for the general public in determining minerals and rocks; every December, a Christmas exchange of minerals is organized; sometimes short-term exhibitions with the geological theme are prepared; presentations in the exposition and professional excursions are organized, etc. In the following years, rebuilding and modernization of the current exposition "Minerals of the Písek Region" is planned as well as exhibition of a new exposition with the working title of "The World of Crystals".
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