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Zřizovatel: Jihočeský kraj
Krajský úřad
U Zimního stadionu 1952/2
37076, České Budějovice


aktualizováno: 2020-07-01

Department of Fine Art Collections

Irena Mašíková

Kliknutím otev?ete obrázek
Kliknutím otev?ete obrázek
Kliknutím otev?ete obrázek
The Fine Art Collection of the museum and the gallery contains sub-collections of painting, drawing, graphic arts and sculptures that include about 8,000 items. Start of the Fine Arts Collection dates back to foundation of the museum, particularly thanks to donations and inheritance, and later also by purchases.
The collection contains works of art which date back to the 17th century and later. Later it specialized in regional authors who are widely represented by the five-generation Lochman family, of which three generations were active in Písek and greatly influenced the burgers' lifestyle by their art.
Another comprehensive collection is made up of wood cuts by Josef Váchal and Josef Krejsa. Aquarelles by Václav Šebele and Tomáš Št?tka, the painter of Písek motifs, are precious. One of the other important collections is a set of pictures, drawings and paintings on china by the photographer and painter Jan Zachariáš Quast who an independent part of the exposition in the Department of Culture History is devoted to.
The fine arts collection also contains the fair part of works of art from the 20th century. The collection of applied arts contains objects from china, glass, tin and the original collection of hunter jewelry by the jeweler Karel Weber from Písek. The applied arts collection mostly dates back to the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. The fine arts collections are systematically supplemented mostly by works of the Písek authors and also those authors who made some references to Písek in various ways.
Besides care for the collections, contracting their preservation, supplementing by new acquisitions and lending collection items for various exhibitions, the curator is active in organizing exhibitions.

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