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Department of Ethnography

Mgr. Jan Kouba

Kliknutím otev?ete obrázek
Kliknutím otev?ete obrázek
Kliknutím otev?ete obrázek
The museum ethnographer is particularly the administrator of a large ethnographic sub-collection comprising over 7,000 objects. The sub-collection was created right after foundation of the museum and for a long time it was recorded as the "industrial department”. Its specification started at the beginning of the 20th century when distinct ethnographers were working for the museum, particularly Emílie Fryšová, Anna Regina Husová and partly also Anna Brousková.

Only with coming of professional experts, the ethnographic collection - similarly to the others - was specified and it was built independently. Objects stored in the sub-collection come from the Middle Age till the modern times. The sub-collection can be used well for presentation and scientific purposes; e. g. it is made up of clothes and parts of clothes, textile in general, agricultural and craftsmen tools, ceramics, pewter, furniture, glass under-paintings, blacksmith’s products, products for everyday use. The sub-collection has the regional character; every year it is extended by tens to hundreds of items that are either collected in the field, by donations or they are purchased. The task of an ethnographer is to store the current collection and to specify acquisitions leading to future formation of an independent ethnographic exposition planned in 2009.

The ethnographer works on further study of entrusted collection objects and professional processing of new items. In cooperation with municipal annalists and also representatives of municipalities within the region they try to records old as well as existing, but also restored or newly occurring annual customs. For this purpose he created a large ethnographic and topographic card index file with references to literature. He also prepares exhibitions with the ethnographic topics in the museum.
He also takes care of the sub-collections “Adolf Heyduk - Fine Arts” and “Adolf Heyduk - Applied Arts”. These sub-collections are stored in the Monument of Adolf Heyduk in Tyršova Street in Písek and they largely make up the exposition accessible to visitors.

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