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Zřizovatel: Jihočeský kraj
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aktualizováno: 2020-07-01

Department of old (Middle Age) history

Mgr. Jan Adámek

Kliknutím otev?ete obrázek
Kliknutím otev?ete obrázek
Kliknutím otev?ete obrázek
The historian specializing in the Middle Age is interested professionally in the history of the town and the region from the 13th till the 15th century. In the area of auxiliary historical sciences, particularly paleography, heraldry, sgrafitto science and codicology according to the needs of the museum and in consultations with researchers till the 19th century.
Since 1995, Jan Adámek is also the administrator of a large numismatic collection currently comprising over 18,000 items. The collection contains instruments of payment throughout a long period of time from the antiquity till the present time. Beginnings of the collection can be dated back to foundation of the museum in 1884. In the first decades of its existence, the collection was growing mainly thanks to donations. Its extension was largely supported by the numismatic collection of the Písek grammar school that the museum obtained in 1959, and the private collection of the historian dr. August Sedláček (1843 - 1926), recorded in the museum collection in 1974.
The last great contribution was transfer of the numismatic material from the collections of the Monument of the Town of Protivín. The sub-collection, which is not built systematically, currently grows only thanks to donations, findings coming mostly from archeological researches and commemorative coinage documenting events and the history of the region. The largest part of the collection is represented by coins, of which several golden coins from the Middle Age and early modern times are worth mentioning as well as unique contramarks of Prague groschen of Wenceslaus IV, or some unique Moravian municipal coins from the 15th century.
Banknotes and other numismatic material is not so largely included. The collection also contains many commemorative plaques.
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