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aktualizováno: 2020-09-21

Archeological Department
Mgr. Jaroslav Jiřík, Ph.D.,  Mgr. Martin Pták, Mgr.Tereza Šálková
Kliknutím otev?ete obrázek
Kliknutím otev?ete obrázek
Kliknutím otev?ete obrázek
The museum archeologists administer a large archeological collection which currently comprises 19,000 depositary items. The archeological collection was created shortly after foundation of the museum in 1884. At that time, the archeological department also included the library, archive, antiques, coins, medals, seals and weapons according to the statutes. The archeological collection was growing thanks to its own activity and various donations.
After slight stagnation at the beginning of the 20th century and particularly after WWI, the time of development came with the archeologist Bedřich Dubský, who carried out many researches in the Písek region in order to extend the archeological collection. In 1943, a new archeological exposition was built, making it possible to access many new items. Further development in the field and the department was triggered by the activity in the region, specifically by Jan Michálek, Ji�?í Fröhlich and Eva Koppová who are the authors of many archeological researches and conservation actions.
Since the 1960s, the archeological exposition has been located in the room in front of the Knight's Hall, showing development of the Písek region in the chronological order. In 1976, the exposition of the Gold in the Otava Basic was located in the basement of the western wing of the castle, dealing with the history of gold mining in the region. The basis for the exposition are archeological findings from the Middle-Age gold mill in Písek from the research of Jaroslav Kudrnáč. Growth of the archeological material that was obtained for the collection is connected with the building boom in the 1990s and the beginning of the 21st century. The archeological collection also includes objects dated to Palaeolithe till early Modern Age. Archeological findings stored in the exposition or in the depositary are used for professional purposes by experts in individual chronological periods and by students.
The employees in the archeological department work on inventory of the collection, which includes professional processing and recording new exhibits in catalogues. This is connected with the field activity of the archeologist in preservation and survey archeological researches. The publishing activity is crucial, making the knowledge of archeological findings available to the general professional public. The museum archeologists also participate actively in public meetings and conferences with the subject topic. In cooperation with experts from neighbouring regions, the museum archeologists contribute to knowledge about settlement in the South-Bohemian Region from the primeval age till early modern times.
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