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Z┼Öizovatel: Jiho─Źesk├Ż kraj
Krajsk├Ż ├║┼Öad
U Zimn├şho stadionu 1952/2
37076, ─îesk├ę Bud─Ťjovice


aktualizováno: 2020-09-21

┼?e┼żabinec, ┼?e┼żabinec Pools

Since 1949, a 104-hectare pond (the largest pond in the district of Písek) has been protected here and since 1985 also the area of pools on its eastern bank. At the present time, the most important part of the reserve are the birds in the bank reed and in the vegetation of the pools as well as amphibians in the pools.

The reserve is open for the general public on marked tourist routes. By the route that goes along the wind-blown dam of the eastern bank of the pond there is a lookout tower, owned by the Práche┼? Museum. The ground floor and the upper part of the tower is used by the museum and specialized organizations for research purposes, its entresol is open for the general public who can also see the rich vegetation of the bank reed and view the pond surface.

From 1977 till 2002, the museum organized summer ornithological camps for young people interested in bird-ringing and nature preservation. Since 2003, bird-ringing is supervised by Dr. Ji┼?í Šebestian, the specialist at the University of South Bohemia in ─?eské Bud─?jovice.

Since 1980, a zoologist of the museum has carried out complex ornithological research in the reserve. He is also the author of 9 boards of the nature trail that were installed here by the Conservation Area Administration of the Nature Reserve of T┼?ebo┼?sko.

The lookout tower was built in 1985.

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