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Monument of the City of Protivín

May - October
Tuesday - Sunday9-12, 13-16
Entrance Fee
adults40 Kč
children / pensioners 20 Kč
tourist photography20 Kč
The City Museum in Protivín first opened in 1932. It was located on the first floor of House No. 19, in the building of a former council school and this is where you can still find the Museum today. In 1981, it was transferred under the administration of the former Regional Museum in Písek and even historical exhibits from Protivín became a part of the collection of the Písek Museum. However, many of the exhibits were returned back to Protivín when the permanent historical and ethnographic exposition opened in 1989.

Between 2000 and 2008, the Museum was expanded by a specialized exposition called Exotic Nature with emphasis on its variety and diversity. In the dark environment of a primeval forest, the exposition present the “Exotic World of Insect” with butterflies, locusts, spiders, and many more species. “The World under the Sea” is an example of a vast collection of sea animals in a stylized environment of coral reefs. “The World of Mountains, Deserts, Savannahs and River and Lake Shores” shows various natural systems. “The World of Primeval Forests and Seashores” brings a variety of animal species living in this environment.
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The expositions include computer presentations where visitors can learn more about endangered species, their lives, sounds and other interesting facts.
The original historical exposition from 1989 was probably one of the last museum installations that were finished before the Velvet Revolution. The exposition that was fully influenced by the Communist regime lasted until 2011. It was then thoroughly photographically documented and then removed in order to create new expositions that opened in summer 2012.
The new historical exposition is one of the most modern in South Bohemia and both adults and children will surely find it interesting. The Monument of the City of Protivín introduces the history of the city as the centre of the region as well as some of the important phenomena of the region: brewing beer, railway, the influence of the Schwarzenberg family, and the federal life as well as everyday life in Protivín. The Museum intended to create an interactive exposition with a series of haptic and other features.

Expositions of the Monument of the City of Protivín:
Historical interactive map of the Protivín Region
Prehistoric and early medieval settlement in Lower Blanice
History of the City of Provitín
Everyday life in the City of Protivín at the turn of the 19th and 20th century
Exotic world of insect
Exotic world under the sea
Exotic world of mountains, savannahs, deserts and river and lake shores
Exotic world of primeval forests and seashores
Exhibition hall for short-term exhibitions
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