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Zřizovatel: Jihočeský kraj
Krajský úřad
U Zimního stadionu 1952/2
37076, České Budějovice


aktualizováno: 2020-09-21

Gallery of the Czech Monarchs

The exposition in the museum is quite extraordinary. The tradition of monarch galleries in our country dates back to the Middle Ages. They were originally related to royal residences where they served as a visible proof of the ancestry of the ruling dynasty. Later, monarch galleries were also acquired for the seats of prominent noble families, particularly as some kind of a representation, as their members could find distant relations to the Premyslid dynasty in their genealogies.
The history of the impressive series of sixteen oil paintings of Czech monarchs is interesting. The portraits made slightly larger-than-life by at least two artists at the beginning of the 18th century used to be a part of the representative decoration at the college of the order Society of Jesus in Klatovy. We do not know how many paintings there were in the original gallery but with regard to the representation of even less prominent princes in the preserved part it is quite likely that the gallery included an uninterrupted line of portraits beginning with the mythical forefather Czech and ending with the king who ruled the country when the gallery was created. When the Jesuit order was abolished and thus the Klatovy College as well, its property was put up to auction, in which the royal town of Písek acquired the present collection in 1776. The paintings then hung at various places of the town hall until 1920s when they were acquired by the museum. The collection was completely restored in 2008 and 2009, which included the removal of repainted parts from the second half of the 19th century.
All the sixteen preserved canvases are installed in the chronological succession of the portrayed monarchs. The scheme on the separate panel represents their genealogic relations (mythical as well as historical).

The exposition of the picture gallery of the monarchs also includes a set of original Baroque sculptures of the saints from the Stone Bridge in Písek that the City of Písek provided for the purpose of permanent installation.

Portál byl realizován za finanční podpory města Písku (grantový program města Písku na podporu cestovního ruchu).
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